Best Way To Get Started In Real Estate Investing

When you’re just getting started with a new venture, particularly those that revolve around professional financial investments such as real estate, you have a tendency to commit a lot of mistakes.

Most people who develop an interest in real estate investment end up looping from one mistake to another for many years, even after devouring tons of ebooks, videos, and training courses on the subject.

What is the missing link preventing most wannabe investors from attaining financial freedom with real estate investments? Why do some folks attain massive financial success while others see not even an iota of success?

Why Ebooks And Courses Simply Serve To Confuse You

Some weariless investors have been able to get started on their own and make tons of money, but they are the exception. When you find yourself failing continuously, what you need is a real estate mentor.

E-books and courses drag you in various directions, but a real estate coach sets you on the right path to success. You gain extensive information from their expertise, and through their coaching, you are able to focus on one goal at a time, which is critical to success.

They can also recognize mistakes you’ve overlooked and guide you on what to do as an alternative. It’s like they’re a teacher, holding your hand and telling you exactly what to carry out. With that kind of support, your possibilities of success rise significantly.

The Only Real Estate Mentoring Program I Endorse

You’ll find numerous real estate coaching programs on the internet, all with identical assertions of helping you become a six-figure real estate professional in as little time as feasible.

Every one of these programs are clearly costly, so choosing the best one is of vital importance. Choose the wrong one and you’ll likely end up regretting losing time and cash you simply cannot really get back.

I’m a successful real estate professional, and I got my training from my mentor, Phil Pustejovsky. Phil Pustejovsky owns the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program – a program that explains to you the ropes on the way to accomplish financial freedom in real estate. Here are some Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program reviews to help you guage the effectiveness of the program.

The Freedom Mentor coaching program is not a program you can just buy whenever you wish. You need to put in an application first, and you’ll only gain access to the program if your request is accepted.

The actual fact that Phil Pustejovsky screens applicants goes to show how much he wishes you to succeed. He’ll only accept coachable, action-oriented, and optimistic applicants.

Phil was once an apprentice as well. He started from rock bottom and only began to attain success right after he met his mentor, Tom.

Since then, he has managed to close tens of millions of dollars worth of deals while earning millions of dollars in profits during the process.

If you think Phil’s knowledge will have a positive impact on your real estate venture, then you have to give undivided focus to the next paragraphs as I explain his Freedom Mentor program in more detail.

Why Freedom Mentor?

By signing up to the Freedom Mentor coaching program, you’ll gain access to premium tools and resources to help you finalize your very first real estate deal.

These include access to a lender database, an instruction/lead-generating software to help you find deals faster, and a personalized investing strategy.

That’s not everything, though. You’ll also get 3 live mentoring calls every month with Freedom Mentor’s instructors, 2 conference calls every week, and the ability to ask questions and instantly receive answers from the coaches by means of an instant messaging platform.

There are two really good features of this mentoring program which allow it stand out from the competition. The first feature is the range of experienced mentors and coaches it includes.

You won’t have access to just Phil Pustejovsky’s mentoring once you become a registered member. Freedom Mentor is made up of a team of mentors and coaches personally trained and mentored by Phil.

Such are the coaches you’ll be receiving assistance from. You’ll get access to a combined pool of knowledge and experience from many of the best coaches in the industry.

The second feature that makes this program so impressively effective at assisting aspiring realtors achieve success is its 50/50 split.

This basically means Phil shares every one of his priceless real estate tricks with you, and you share 50% of the profits from your first few deals with him.

When you’ve closed your first couple of deals, you may then carry on to become an independent property investor, equipped with all of the insights you’ve acquired from the mentorship program.

If you have a talent for teaching or mentoring, you can even set up your own mentoring program and teach your apprentices the actions needed for success exactly like Phil does.

A few of Phil’s past students are presently running their own mentoring programs after becoming successful real estate investors.

Note: I know the program offering changes every now and then as they continue to fine-tune it and improve it. However, this is current as of this writing.

Conclusion – Action Takers Desired

The Freedom Mentor coaching program is geared towards individuals who are 100% committed to becoming successful real estate investors. If you aren’t prepared to handle real estate investing just like a business, this program might just not be for you.

The tools, resources, and mentoring offered in the program are sufficient to set you on the best path to financial freedom.

Since you’re sharing your first few returns with Phil, it’s in his best interest to help you succeed, and you possess as much resolve to accomplish just that. It’s a jointly advantageous arrangement, so you practically can’t fail if you put in the effort and time to make this work.

Overall, the Freedom Mentor program is the best way to get started in real estate investing. You’re getting all the help you need from a veteran in the business. There’s really nothing more you need to make your real estate ambitions come true.

Top Things To Be Careful About Prior To Home Purchasing

If someone is eager to sell their property, they may keep a few defects hidden. It is unfortunate that if you were to hire a professional inspector for each viewing, it would get incredibly expensive. But don’t worry because a potential buyer like you can do a bit of inspecting yourself and here are indicators showing what house to avoid buying.

The first thing is that you must think twice before you purchase a “fixer upper.” It is certainly true that these properties seem very interesting because they are so affordable. Many times, we believe that we can fix the problems ourselves. In reality, however, they are often things that must be done by qualified professionals. The price you pay for these professionals may be a lot higher than you had budgeted for initially. Next, you must be careful with properties that have modifications made that are clearly DIY. With all the best intentions, things that have been done without professional help can look great, but are often full of problems.

Then, you must look into historical problems that may have caused problems that simply cannot be repaired. These things include water damage, pest damage, asbestos, mold and faulty wiring. But it often takes a professional eye to actually spot these problems. It is possible that the present owners do not even know that these issues are there. In the cases where they do know that these issues are present, they may take steps to hide them. It is incredibly easy to hide these significant issues through simple things such as cleaning and switching the power off. To find out whether these issues are there, you can organize a professional home inspection, but you can also speak to community members. They can tell you about the history of various properties in the area. Generally speaking, major problems like pests, water damage and mold will occur in more than one property.

The bottom line is very simply that a home should never be bought unless a professional inspector has given you the green light. The information above, therefore, is not designed to help you decide whether or not you want to buy, but rather whether or not you want to have it inspected. If there are any existing problems, you may want to consider not buying the property at all, or asking for a very significant discount as you will have to invest in the repairs sooner or later. Do also consider the opinion of your home inspector. The goal of professional home inspectors is to make sure that you can truly get your dream home, and not some sort of money pit disaster.

Suggestions When Looking At Selling a House Defined

Clear-Cut Suggestions When Looking At Selling a House Defined

A lot of individuals are actually investing in real estate because they think that they can earn money through this. If you may buy a property for a particular price today, it’s going to certainly be more pricey in the next couple of yours if the real estate market will continue to be stable. However, you should also think about how difficult it is to sell a property. You can see tons of articles stating that they could actually sell a house very easily or there are advertisements that may inform you that they can sell it in a few weeks or months. You may always bring the value down, but this is not an advisable thing to do.

Right now in the real estate market, the supply completely surpasses the demand, but you may find different ways to sell your property efficiently. We will give you some recommendations on the best way to do this.

Check The Curb Appeal of Your Home

First impression lasts so your house should give a good impression to the customers once they pull up in front of the property. You could place yourself in the shoes of the buyer and see if the curb appeal of your house is good enough to attract buyers. You need to determine if the house can provide an excellent impression to possible buyers or it needs maintenance.

The potential customers will first see the exterior of the house. You must understand that they always take note of curb appeal. Get everything ready and fix whatever you must fix in the house.

Enhancements in The House

Making some upgrades in the house is essential if you’d like to draw in customers. You will need to enhance the interior and exterior of the house so it’ll be appealing to the prospective buyers. If you really want to sell your home, you have to check everything that needs fixing and make the necessary enhancements. Even so, make certain that you will not over improve since there are upgrades that will not make a huge difference.

Upgrades will definitely boost the value of your property along with its chances to be sold, but you can’t make improvements that won’t pay in the end. You should make your research and invest in things that will provide the best return.

Depersonalize Your House

Most individuals will claim that adding more design to the interior can make it more appealing to the customers, but it is an error because personal items, art works and collectibles will not really attract them. You could eliminate these items and leave out the essential furniture so your house will look bigger. The goal is to enable the customers to picture themselves in your home.

They will begin pointing at the various parts of the house while visualizing what they need to put in there if they are planning to buy it. It only implies that your personal items should be eliminated in the house because it is going to make it difficult for them to visualize.

The Price Should be Competitive

In case you are planning to sell a home in Bethesda, Maryland, you should place a competitive price for the property. If you’ll only put a low price, it’ll be similar to leaving money on the table and if you put a high value, it’ll be unappealing to the customers. If you are speaking about home buying, the customers always look for houses that are very similar to yours and compare the costs. If your house is very costly, the buyer will surely ignore your property and check others. Most of these customers are only relying on home financing so they cannot afford houses which are too costly. Even though you could sell the house for a lower price if you would like, you will not be able to get back your investments.

Choose A Real Estate Agent

You are definitely making a mistake if you actually believe that you could sell your home on your own. In case you’re not a professional real estate agent, do not even think about selling your house because you don’t have the knowledge and experience to do so.

If you will do it on your own, it is possible that you will not be able to sell your house or you will not get a good deal. You may get lucky and find a great deal for your house, but selling a house is not about luck because we’re speaking about a huge amount of money.

You should hire an agent and let them handle everything for you. You’ll need to pay them, but it’s much better than getting a poor deal for your property.

Before you start selling your house, make sure that you understand how to do this effectively. The real estate industry is really complicated so you should understand how it works before selling your house.

Is a Townhouse Right For You? How To Choose What Style Home To Buy, With So Many Options Available

When someone makes the decision that they want to purchase a house, the first thing they should consider is what type of property they want to buy. There are a couple different options, each tailored to a certain lifestyle and preference. Do you want a condominium? A townhouse? A single-family house?

These are important questions. Each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Read: Condo vs. Home: Pros and Cons of Each. One great, popular option is a townhouse. Townhouses are a great medium in between a single family house and a condominium. Here are some reasons to buy a townhouse, and also some reasons not to buy a townhouse. What exactly is a townhouse? Well, a townhouse is part of a development.

There almost always is a wall on either side, as you will have neighbors (if you’d like to call it that). Most always, the walls are brick, so you won’t hear anything going on in your neighbors house. But, they still are connected. Usually, a townhouse is part of a community, meaning you’ll have a shared community, that usually features a park, a gym, a swimming pool, or tennis courts, for example.

This is definitely an advantage. Townhouses are also usually near popular areas, so you’ll be in close proximity to nightlife, restaurants, movie theaters, and other venues. Keep in mind that townhouses are also usually less expensive than single family houses, which is in itself, an obvious perk. You also are able to deduct the tax and mortgage on your annual taxes, making for a nice tax return.

There are some disadvantages to owning a townhouse. For example, you do have to get permission for certain things. For example, if you want to paint the exterior a certain color, you’ve got to ask. If you want to park specific transportation vehicles in your driveway (such as an RV or a motorcycle), you’ve got to also ask for permission. Sometimes, you may even have to get permission to plant certain flowers or trees. You also should expect to pay monthly fees for upkeep and maintenance

Keep in mind that you are going to be required to pay real estate taxes. Also, townhouses are notorious for providing less privacy than other types of housing; and, there usually is not a large yard. If a big yard is important to you, a townhouse is probably not the right fit. You also are going to have to deal with stairs.

Stairs are unavoidable in a townhouse. It also is a lot harder to sell townhouses than single-family homes. There are many reasons for this. All you need to know, is that it will be more difficult to sell when you are ready to. Happy house hunting! Also, for further reading, see: Townhouse vs. Condo? and, Should You Buy a House or a Condo?

How To Make Your Home Appealing To Buyers. Follow This Checklist If You Want To Get Your Home Sold In No Time At All

Selling your house isn’t hard, if you know what to do, and take certain measures to get it done. The most obvious things include cleaning up all clutter, and making sure you have a gorgeous yard that will entice buyers to want to come inside to see your house. If the outside is ugly, they aren’t going to care about seeing your house, as they’ll assume the inside isn’t anything special, either. Therefore, the front of your house should be appealing, and the lawn should certainly be manicured.

If any of the hardware on the exterior is rusty, or won, replace it! Take a good look at your door knocker, the door knob, the condition of the front door itself in its entirety, street numbers, and the mailbox. Do they need replacing? If so, these aren’t expensive to replace, and you should make the effort to do so.

Also, if you’re selling your home during holidays, add decorations. For example, if you are selling during Christmastime, add a beautiful wreath and Christmas lights. Many experts say that selling a home during the holidays is tough, while other experts denote that you can actually sell your house faster, and for more money during the holidays, as the seasons in themselves invoke impulse buys. 261B883200000578-2970186-image-a-26_1424949721130

When it comes to the exterior of the house, you must pay attention to the landscaping. Are your neighbors yards perfectly manicured with fresh flowers? Then your yard should look the same. Plant pretty flowers, and choose ones that bloom year round rather than once a year.

While flowers that bloom one time a year are gorgeous when they are in bloom, they add no life to the house for the rest of the year, and your home is going to be on the market for much longer than the life of those plants. Be sure that your hardscaping is intact. If any of the tilestraditional-kitchen-with-subway-tile-i_g-IS9dwq3t213tz80000000000-Jld8_ are cracked, replace them. If they are uneven, pull them up and re-do them. Not only will it look better aesthetically, but you also don’t want buyers tripping and hurting themselves when they come to see your house.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but too many buyers don’t listen to this tip: you need to get rid of excess items, and clean your house, if you want to sell it. Nobody wants to walk into an episode of “Hoarders.” People do not want to see stacks of mail when they come to see your house, or old magazines with coffee mug stains on them.

In the kitchen, you should remove all appliances from the counters. The countertops should be totally bare. This includes coffee makers, crockpots, toasters, and any pots and pans or tea kettles. Read: Affordable Bedroom Furniture.

traditional-master-bathroom-with-rain-shower-i_g-IS-p5mq4xk8e5wd-YcMlsIn all of your bathrooms, your personal items need to be put away. Yeah, yeah, we know this is inconvenient. But it makes all the difference. Hide spare toilet paper rolls, re-grout the bathtub edges, and put out fresh, new white towels on the towel bars.

It’s important to not use these, because they don’t look the same after they are washed. Stash them away in the closet until buyers come, and then swap out your towels with the brand new ones. Put all of your jewelry and bathroom products away. And not in your cabinets; buyers are going to need to open all of the drawers and cabinets to see how much space you have. And they don’t want to look at your personal products.

6df160830e26d84c_2390-w402-h255-b0-p0--traditional-bedroomYour closet should be empty; or at the very least, organized. Your bed should have fresh, crisp linens. There’s no excuse to have dingy white sheets on the bed. Buy some nice throw pillows, if you don’t already have some on the bed.

They make all the difference. And, don’t forget to store your family pictures away. Buyers don’t want to see them, as it makes them feel as if they are intruding in someones home, rather than being able to imagine the home as theirs. See: Room-by-Room Staging Strategies, and, Get Your House Sold: Five Star Room-by-Room Staging Tips.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Great! Here Are Some Do’s And Don’ts For Remodeling Your Kitchen With The Intent To Sell The House


It’s often said that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Actually, not only is this true, but it can also be the determining factor in whether or not a buyer purchases your house. Therefore, many owners wonder if they should renovate their kitchen before they sell it. Kitchen renovations certainly have the ability to bring back a serious return on investment when it comes to the final sale price. However, it will ultimately depend on how much you spend relative to what the rest of the house looks like. If you spend $200,000 on the kitchen remodel and your home is only worth $600,000, you aren’t going to sell the house for $800,000.

If you do choose to remodel the kitchen, remember to choose appliances, fixtures, and hardware that appeals to just about everyone, rather than choosing a particular theme for the room. Now isn’t the time to show your personal tastes. Go for stainless steel, a light colored granite, white cabinets, and updated hardware. You don’t need to buy the most expensive, and latest materials and hardware. The most important rule is to not reflect your personal tastes. It will make the kitchen a hard sell, which is the opposite effect that you are going for. white-kitchen-cabinets-with-stainless-steel-appliances-g1f7qw5e

There’s no point in renovating a kitchen if you aren’t going to put the right things in it. Keep in mind, too, that if the home isn’t very nice, and isn’t in a great neighborhood, you’re probably wasting your money by renovating it. A kitchen should be remodeled only to become up to date with the rest of the house. Also stay true to the style of the actual home itself. If you have an ultra-modern home, don’t renovate the kitchen to look like a traditional house. You must stay true to the architecture. See: Open Floor Plan – Dream Kitchen Must-Have Design Ideas.

Don’t feel like you have to buy all-name brand materials, fixtures, and appliances. They just need to be up-to-date, and appeal to the general masses. Choose simple backsplashes, and practical floors. If you do choose to renovate, make the kitchen an open floor plan (if possible). Open it out to the living room. Younger buyers today very much appreciate an open floor plan, over compartmentalized rooms. 560c537bb288


Lastly, do not forget to use granite. Buyers today want granite; it does not have to be the most expensive option; the grade of granite doesn’t matter so much to buyers as the simple fact that it is there. For further reading, see the following articles on: Open Kitchen Floor Plan Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel Tips, and, Open Plan Kitchen Design & Decorating Ideas.

Buyers Love To See Luxurious, Hotel-like Bathrooms. Here’s How To Stage Your Bathroom In Such a Way That Will Make Buyers Want To Put In An Offer

If you want to sell your house, you’re going to have to do some work to your bathroom. No, this doesn’t mean that you need to completely renovate it. But, you are going to have to put in a little TLC, whether its replacing hardware, or adding some pretty accessories.

Buyers want to see bathrooms that remind them of a luxurious hotel bathroom. This usually means clear counters, white fresh towels and cleared-off countertops and scented candles. The bathroom is the second most used home in a house, and so buyers want it to be a room that they can envision themselves unwinding in at the end of a long day. Read: 10 Tricks to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House.a6058a669517394ccd9b7b843f811e1a

In the real world, anyone’s bathroom at any given point of time is probably messy. At the very least, the countertop is probably cluttered with everyday bathroom products from tooth-brush holders, to face wash, to makeup. Every bathroom could use some cleaning. You don’t need to spend a million dollars to renovate it; sometimes, a deep cleaning and a trip to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx can do just the trick! The point is to use what you have, and if you have to buy a few things, to do it on the cheap. You don’t have to buy name brand things to make your bathroom look nice.

The first thing you need to do is move everything off the counters. Buyers need to see how much space you have. They won’t be able to tell if the bathroom counters are covered in products. Your toilet paper, personal hygiene products, makeup, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, should all be stored away.

And not in the cabinets, because buyers will need to look in the cabinets to see how much storage you have there, as well. It might be inconvenient, but what’s move convenient? Moving your everyday items out of the bathroom, or not selling your house? That’s what we thought.


Your cleaning products should also be hidden. Yes, buyers know that cleaning products are used (hopefully) every day in your bathroom, but they don’t need to see them. They should be stored away in the laundry room with thGotham_White_Family_OLC_1__1e rest of the household cleaning products.


On that topic, the bathroom should be squeaky-clean. Buyers don’t want to see dirt, dust, or makeup residue anywhere in the bathroom. There’s pretty much no excuse for this. Don’t forget to hang soft, white towels in the bathroom. Consider adding a pretty candle as well, near the bathtub, or on the countertop. If you are going to add flowers, which are a nice touch, go with a simple white orchid. Make sure that it is bloomed. For further reading, see: 1,000+ Ideas About Bathroom Staging, and, Staging the Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank.