Remodeling Your Kitchen? Great! Here Are Some Do’s And Don’ts For Remodeling Your Kitchen With The Intent To Sell The House


It’s often said that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Actually, not only is this true, but it can also be the determining factor in whether or not a buyer purchases your house. Therefore, many owners wonder if they should renovate their kitchen before they sell it. Kitchen renovations certainly have the ability to bring back a serious return on investment when it comes to the final sale price. However, it will ultimately depend on how much you spend relative to what the rest of the house looks like. If you spend $200,000 on the kitchen remodel and your home is only worth $600,000, you aren’t going to sell the house for $800,000.

If you do choose to remodel the kitchen, remember to choose appliances, fixtures, and hardware that appeals to just about everyone, rather than choosing a particular theme for the room. Now isn’t the time to show your personal tastes. Go for stainless steel, a light colored granite, white cabinets, and updated hardware. You don’t need to buy the most expensive, and latest materials and hardware. The most important rule is to not reflect your personal tastes. It will make the kitchen a hard sell, which is the opposite effect that you are going for. white-kitchen-cabinets-with-stainless-steel-appliances-g1f7qw5e

There’s no point in renovating a kitchen if you aren’t going to put the right things in it. Keep in mind, too, that if the home isn’t very nice, and isn’t in a great neighborhood, you’re probably wasting your money by renovating it. A kitchen should be remodeled only to become up to date with the rest of the house. Also stay true to the style of the actual home itself. If you have an ultra-modern home, don’t renovate the kitchen to look like a traditional house. You must stay true to the architecture. See: Open Floor Plan – Dream Kitchen Must-Have Design Ideas.

Don’t feel like you have to buy all-name brand materials, fixtures, and appliances. They just need to be up-to-date, and appeal to the general masses. Choose simple backsplashes, and practical floors. If you do choose to renovate, make the kitchen an open floor plan (if possible). Open it out to the living room. Younger buyers today very much appreciate an open floor plan, over compartmentalized rooms. 560c537bb288


Lastly, do not forget to use granite. Buyers today want granite; it does not have to be the most expensive option; the grade of granite doesn’t matter so much to buyers as the simple fact that it is there. For further reading, see the following articles on: Open Kitchen Floor Plan Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel Tips, and, Open Plan Kitchen Design & Decorating Ideas.


  1. Are stainless steel appliances necessary? We have the money to do some updating to the kitchen, but is it really worth it?

  2. Hi Katie,

    If you do have the funds, stainless steel appliances are ideal. However, usually replacing appliances will interfere with the rest of the kitchen such as the cabinets and countertops. Bring someone in to see how much it would cost, as you have to factor in much more besides the cost of appliances.

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