How To Make Your Home Appealing To Buyers. Follow This Checklist If You Want To Get Your Home Sold In No Time At All

Selling your house isn’t hard, if you know what to do, and take certain measures to get it done. The most obvious things include cleaning up all clutter, and making sure you have a gorgeous yard that will entice buyers to want to come inside to see your house. If the outside is ugly, they aren’t going to care about seeing your house, as they’ll assume the inside isn’t anything special, either. Therefore, the front of your house should be appealing, and the lawn should certainly be manicured.

If any of the hardware on the exterior is rusty, or won, replace it! Take a good look at your door knocker, the door knob, the condition of the front door itself in its entirety, street numbers, and the mailbox. Do they need replacing? If so, these aren’t expensive to replace, and you should make the effort to do so.

Also, if you’re selling your home during holidays, add decorations. For example, if you are selling during Christmastime, add a beautiful wreath and Christmas lights. Many experts say that selling a home during the holidays is tough, while other experts denote that you can actually sell your house faster, and for more money during the holidays, as the seasons in themselves invoke impulse buys. 261B883200000578-2970186-image-a-26_1424949721130

When it comes to the exterior of the house, you must pay attention to the landscaping. Are your neighbors yards perfectly manicured with fresh flowers? Then your yard should look the same. Plant pretty flowers, and choose ones that bloom year round rather than once a year.

While flowers that bloom one time a year are gorgeous when they are in bloom, they add no life to the house for the rest of the year, and your home is going to be on the market for much longer than the life of those plants. Be sure that your hardscaping is intact. If any of the tilestraditional-kitchen-with-subway-tile-i_g-IS9dwq3t213tz80000000000-Jld8_ are cracked, replace them. If they are uneven, pull them up and re-do them. Not only will it look better aesthetically, but you also don’t want buyers tripping and hurting themselves when they come to see your house.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but too many buyers don’t listen to this tip: you need to get rid of excess items, and clean your house, if you want to sell it. Nobody wants to walk into an episode of “Hoarders.” People do not want to see stacks of mail when they come to see your house, or old magazines with coffee mug stains on them.

In the kitchen, you should remove all appliances from the counters. The countertops should be totally bare. This includes coffee makers, crockpots, toasters, and any pots and pans or tea kettles. Read: Affordable Bedroom Furniture.

traditional-master-bathroom-with-rain-shower-i_g-IS-p5mq4xk8e5wd-YcMlsIn all of your bathrooms, your personal items need to be put away. Yeah, yeah, we know this is inconvenient. But it makes all the difference. Hide spare toilet paper rolls, re-grout the bathtub edges, and put out fresh, new white towels on the towel bars.

It’s important to not use these, because they don’t look the same after they are washed. Stash them away in the closet until buyers come, and then swap out your towels with the brand new ones. Put all of your jewelry and bathroom products away. And not in your cabinets; buyers are going to need to open all of the drawers and cabinets to see how much space you have. And they don’t want to look at your personal products.

6df160830e26d84c_2390-w402-h255-b0-p0--traditional-bedroomYour closet should be empty; or at the very least, organized. Your bed should have fresh, crisp linens. There’s no excuse to have dingy white sheets on the bed. Buy some nice throw pillows, if you don’t already have some on the bed.

They make all the difference. And, don’t forget to store your family pictures away. Buyers don’t want to see them, as it makes them feel as if they are intruding in someones home, rather than being able to imagine the home as theirs. See: Room-by-Room Staging Strategies, and, Get Your House Sold: Five Star Room-by-Room Staging Tips.


  1. I know that it is said that family photos should be removed when buyers come to look at your house. But what about the ones on the walls? If I take them down there are holes. Do I really need to take them all down and patch the holes?

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Yes, they should be removed. You do not need to take them off and patch the walls, you can just put some artwork where the nails already are, provided the nails are in the right places to make the wall look nice. If you don’t have any art, consider visiting some department stores to find some nice things to hang, such as plates.

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